Blog #00: The Pilot

Gabi & Perkie

Caution: Do Not READ The Blog If You Dont like to Read, live, cry, laugh and be Happy!!

Hi my name is Gabi!

Hello my name is Perkie!

Welcome to our blog!!

We will write about our experiences, feelings and opinions.

You can even get advice from the most immature humans to have ever walked on earth( wink wink) by DM’ing us on Instagram (@gabiandperkie) or by writing in the comment section down below;)

So Gabi will post on Monday and Perkie will post on Wednesday. For our special collaborated blog stay tuned for Friday. We hope to entertain you, help you and excite you!

Both of us are sending you loads of love from the opposite sides of the world 😊. If you wanna know what that means (don’t be shy!) follow us because we’ll tell you in our next blog!! 🙂

Thank you so so much for reading!! Byeeee😊.